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Reducing your business or commercial properties water consumption is a simple and effective way to reduce overheads whilst minimising your impact on the environment.

How we can help you save on water usage

Implementing our effective Water Efficiency Management Plan will not only save money on water costs but also help to…

  • Reduce energy bills through less water heating
  • Reduce trade waste costs
  • Reduce wastewater expenses

Our Specialties

JM Plumbing specialise in developing Water Efficiency Management Plans for all types of commercial properties and will help you minimize your environmental impact and water related expenses by:

  • Helping you better understand, manage and budget for water usage by assessing current, historical and projected water consumption.
  • Asses and identifying areas of current water wastage.
  • Recommend and implement water efficient practices, appliances and fixtures to minimise water consumption.
  • Monitor and review annual water consumption trends and offer continued guidance of potential water-saving measures.

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