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Jeff MacDonald Plumbing makes it easy to take care of all your plumbing emergencies, repairs and maintenance with one simple phone call. As the #1 trusted plumber for Gold Coast property owners and rental tenants for over 20 years, our team of highly professional and skilled tradesman are on standby to help you with your plumbing needs right now.

Everything we do is based around making it easy for you to solve all your plumbing issues. With an honest and transparent plumbing service conducted by professional staff and cutting-edge technology, we back all our workmanship with a 12-month guarantee.

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Our Highly Experienced Plumbing Team

Qualified plumbers in Gold Coast with a focus on customers and quality workmanship

Jeff MacDonald

Jeff started the business in 1995, Jeff and his team have a vast knowledge of the plumbing industry and are well respected by many satisfied customers and trade peers.

Jeff has a deep philosophy of building and supporting customer relationships and has  high moral standards based on honesty, integrity and professionalism. Kevin (Jeff’s father) was involved in the plumbing industry for more than 50 years, we are proud to say Dean (Jeff’s son) is also a licensed plumber recently completing his apprenticeship.

Outside of work Jeff is dedicated to his beautiful family, has strong family values, and will do anything to spend time with his kids, (not that they are too enthusiastic). Jeff also has a love for mountain biking and getting out on the bike as often as possible.

Likes:- Employing, training and mentoring staff on the Jeff MacDonald culture.

Dislikes:- Juggling work life balance.

Klaus Schonke
Service Manager

Klaus has been a integral part of out team for the past 20 years, Klaus is a team leader and understands the importance of building lasting customer relationships. His attention to detail is second to none and he is a valued member of our team.

Outside of work Klaus is very house proud and a fantastic surfer, we know this because he tells us.

Likes:- When jobs run smoothly

Dislikes:- When jobs don’t run smoothly.

Krystle Jellick
Administration Manager

Krystle has been the oracle our team for over 14 years, she is dedicated and enthusiastic, her knowledge and experience ensure the highest quality in everything she does.

Krystle outside of work likes to travel and watch Netflix.

Likes:- Dealing with customers to ensure their need are met, working with a great team.

Dislikes:-Staff not filling in their time sheets correctly.

Dean MacDonald
Licensed Plumber

Dean has a great ability to communicate with customers, he treats every customer with respect and will always dedicate himself to achieving the highest results.

Dean is a soccer nut and when he is not at work he is generally playing FIFA.

Likes:- Exceeding customers expectations.

Dislikes:- When a plan doesn’t come together.

Jacob Radovic
Licensed Plumber

Jacob is a energetic member of our team, he has a positive attitude and  is not afraid of hard work.

Jacob has moved the Gold Coast from the southern highlands of NSW, he loves the outdoor lifestyle on the Gold Coast, cycling, beaches, climbing.

Likes:- Plumbing is always different

Dislikes:- When the job goes wrong.

James Alexander
Licensed Plumber

James, having a wealth of experience particularly in leak detection.

James is passionate and determined to solve customers problems James has a laid back attitude and is a great fit to our team.

Outside of work James love to 4WD, camping, surfing and mountain biking.

Likes:- Job satisfaction

Dislikes:- Customers that watch over him.

Sarah Otto
Sarah is a great fit for our team, she is a perfect fit for the JM plumbing culture. Sarah brings an energetic hard working approach with exceptional people skills.
Outside of work Sarah enjoys running, (16km before work OMG), weekends away camping and cooking up a storm.
Likes:- I like that their is no two jobs ever the same and every day is different, I like that I get to learn a new skill everyday and develop a better understanding of the industry.
Dislikes:- My least favourite thing but will always give it a crack is working at heights. Just make sure I have something to hold onto and I’ll be fine, (and listening to Jeff’s stories).
Chris Milne
Licensed Plumber

Licensed Plumber
Chris is a great fit to our team, he brings a wealth of experience across a broad range of different types of plumbing. His niche is in maintenance plumbing where he is able to think on his feet and apply some fantastic problem solving skills (and he likes everyone). 

Outside of work, Chris is a devoted husband and father and loves spending time with his kids.

Likes: In maintenance no two jobs are ever the same!

Dislikes: Repairing ancient taps 

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