Scheduled commercial plumbing maintenance

Whether it’s delivering first class, reliable scheduled plumbing maintenance or minimising the disruption and cost of emergency plumbing repairs to your business, we guarantee to deliver a service that will change your perception of what to expect from your plumber.


The most cost effective and convenient way to manage plumbing emergencies and breakdowns is to prevent them. For 20 years JM Plumbing have been working with some of the Gold Coast’s largest commercial property managers to ensure that:


We utilise cutting edge project management system to ensure clear communication between our clients, office staff and plumbers in the field.

Every client, project and specific task is recorded with details of:

Start and completion times of past maintenance and repairs
Tasks/jobs performed with dates, work orders, quotes, notes/comments, before and after photos and any other relevant information
Safety information, procedures and systems
Notes and recommendations for improving water efficiency, and much more
All our field plumbers have direct access to this information via the cloud, which facilitates the efficient, effective and hassle free maintenance of your buildings plumbing.


As part of our commitment to delivering a first class plumbing maintenance, installation and repair service we employ the highest quality, experienced staff with full qualifications and own all our own cutting edge machinery and equipment, reducing the need to call in other trades or hire machinery.

Our Qualifications:

  • Plumbing and Drainage Licence
  • Gas Fitting Licence
  • Backflow Testing Certified
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Certified.
  • Restricted Electrical License (required for Installing Hot Water Systems)
  • Working at Heights Licence
  • Workplace Health & safety Plan in Place

Our Equipment:

  • Electronic Leak Detection Devices
  • Mini Excavator
  • Concrete Cutting Equipment
  • Cctv Inspection Cameras
  • High Pressure Drain Cleaners
  • Pipe Relining Tools
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras