According to an Australian property investment company, approximately 30% of new homeowners don’t check the plumbing conditions before signing the final papers. Even worse, plumbing issues can be one of the most costly – and unfortunate – fixes on any new or old home, creating more stress when factoring in the added costs of moving your belongings, redecorating, and other common household repairs when moving into a new space.

While some of the most basic plumbing problems can be handled with a bit of patience, care and inexpensive tools, we highly recommend hiring a professional plumber to inspect your possible future home for any major and minor issues before making a final purchasing decision. Some of the most common plumbing issues faced by Aussies include…

Unsatisfactory Water Pressure

Typically caused by lime and/or calcium build-up, weak water pressure in the shower is one of the most common issues for any homeowner. While not a huge problem if contained to just the shower, weak water pressure throughout the house could indicate a more complex issue with the hot water heater or piping.

Sinks that Do Not Drain Properly

Alternatively, sinks that drain slowly likely indicate an undesirable build-up of hair, oils and grease within the piping system. After clogging up over time, you can attempt to use a plunger, chemical drain cleaning solutions, grease-fighting products, or equal parts distilled white vinegar and baking soda followed by boiling water to remedy the issue yourself.

Assuming none of that is successful, or you’d simply rather make sure the clog is professionally removed so you don’t need to worry about it again anytime in the near future, we’d be happy to help. Our latest blockage detection and drain cleaning equipment is designed to dislodge blockages swiftly and efficiently.

Taps that Leak

No one likes spending more money on their water bill than absolutely necessary, and leaky taps are one of the main causes of this issue. Besides the highly irritating, repetitive drip-drip-drip noises running steadily throughout your new home, it’s good to know that leaky taps are often caused by a malfunctioning washing machine or over-tightening of certain taps.

Not recommended as a do-it-yourself fix due to regulations prohibiting such action in certain areas of Australia, leaking taps need to be removed or replaced by a professional. Our specialisation in ‘No Dig Pipe Repairs’ can save you thousands of dollars if a major leak is found.

Blocked Toilets

Perhaps the most common plumbing issue of all, blocked toilets typically occur due to an obstruction within the pipe. While a plunger or plumbing snake can sometimes be a quick fix, a licensed plumber is often the best person for the job to ensure it is handled properly.

Problems with the Hot Water Heater

While you should always ask to see the original paperwork and any maintenance or check-up records for the hot water heater, you can expect problems, on average, to appear right around the decade-old mark of any normally-functioning water heater.

While preventative maintenance works wonders for expensive appliances such as this one, also keep in mind that attempting any repairs on your own could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition to the top 5 most common plumbing issues listed above, we also see a high number of issues with clogged disposals, washing machine maintenance (especially during summer months on the Gold Coast), and sewer line backups due to tree roots or excessive rain after a storm.

Before signing any papers on your potential new home, be sure to contact us to schedule a professional inspection of the plumbing system. You’ll rest easy knowing you made an informed decision, and possibly save yourself thousands of dollars in costly repairs down the line. We look forward to assisting you with your Gold Coast property, and thanks for reading!