Why you should never leave a little leak alone

You might not think that the constant drip, drip, dripping from your bathroom tap is anything to worry about. Maybe the slight leak you’ve found under the kitchen sink or behind the toilet is barely noticeable, especially since the towel you’ve put there seems to be collecting all the water just fine. No need to call a plumber when it’s not really a problem, right?

Your water bill is unusually high

That’s where you’d be sadly mistaken. Although you might not be ankle-deep in water just yet, that little leak could be costing you a lot more than you think. Does your water bill seem higher than it should be? It’s likely to be because of that leak you’re trying your best to ignore. A minor leak that’s left untreated will waste litres and litres of water every year, all of which you’ll be paying for.

The leak could get even worse

Another reason you shouldn’t leave that leak alone is because it might get worse, causing bigger problems that will prove to be a much more expensive to fix later on. Not only will a larger leak mean a higher water bill, but corrosion could leave you with the expense of having to replace expensive pipework or tiling. What’s more is that a persistent leak could cause significant water damage to your property, which will only increase over time if the problem is left alone.

A quick and easy way to solve the problem

So why sit on that leak any longer? A small leak is a lot easier to fix than a large one, and a lot less expensive too. For a fixed fee of $99, JM Plumbing can audit your plumbing system, check for leaks and identify the cause of any you may have. That way, you can get the problem sorted quickly and easily, and have peace of mind that your water bill consists of water that you’re using without the additional dollars cause by wastage.
So if you’re tired of paying more than you should be for your water, give our friendly team a call now.