Did you know that every year in Queensland up to 1,200 children under the age of 15 years are admitted to hospital after being scalded by hot water? Out of that number, 65 percent of these children are only aged four and below. Sadly, one in five of the children who have been admitted to hospital after experiencing scalding is injured so badly they have to stay in hospital for a week minimum and must come back for repeat visits and often multiple operations. Out of the most serious scalding incidents, 8 out of 10 of these were caused by hot tap water in bathrooms.

With these figures in mind, you can understand why hot water safety is crucial in homes for the health and well-being of your family.

Hot water safety

There are many ways you can ensure hot water safety is maintained in your home, to protect your family. Follow our helpful hot water safety tips:

• Have your licensed plumber control the maximum temperature of the hot water tap in your bathroom to 50°C.
• Make sure to test the temperature of the water in your bath before you bathe your child. It’s a good idea to use the inside of your wrist and place it in the water and count down from five slowly to ensure the water temperature is comfortable. At max, the water temperature recommended for bathing a young child is 38°C.
• Install child-resistant tap covers in your bathroom.
• Remember to run cold water first when filling a bath and also to turn this off last.
• Don’t ever leave a young child unattended in the bathroom.
• Always turn your bathroom taps off tightly and make sure you close your bathroom door when it’s not in use.

Hot water legislation

The current legislation in Queensland decrees that hot water temperature must be controlled in sanitary fixtures such as showers and baths. In new buildings and for new hot water installations the temperature cannot exceed:

• 45°C in schools, nursing homes, aged and disability care facilities and early childhood centres.
• 50°C in any other type of building.

If you are serious about hot water safety, JM Plumbing can do a fixed $99 audit of your plumbing system to check your temperature valves in order to help prevent scalds, as well as identify if there are any leaks. Contact us today.