As your sewer pipe is buried underground, it’s often difficult to know if it’s been damaged before it becomes a major problem. To help make it easier for you to determine if you have an issue with a broken or damaged sewer pipe, we’ve listed five tell-tale signs below:

1. Sewage backups

Sanitary sewer backups generally develop in the open drain that’s located lowest in your residential or commercial property. If you notice a backup occurs every time you try to flush or run water into either your sink or bathtub drain, or your fixtures are slow to drain, this is often an indication that there’s an issue with your main sewer line.

2. Toilet and plumbing fixtures gurgling

Another sign that indicates you may have a damaged sewer pipe is if you hear a gurgling noise coming from your toilet and plumbing fixtures.

3. Sewage odour

If there is a strong smell of sewer odour either inside or around your property, it’s often a sign that you have a damaged sewer pipe. A sewer which is sanitary should be completely sealed, with the only exception of vent stacks on the roof.

4. Mould issue

Mould growing on your walls is another tell-tale sign that you could have a damaged sewer pipe. If there’s a cracked sewer pipe located behind a wall, humidity levels can often rise, causing a mould issue. The mould will normally be accompanied by a sewer odour.

5. Lush grass patches on your lawn

So, you’ve noticed lush green patches on your lawn? This could be an indication there’s been a sewer leak. As sewage works as a fertiliser for your lawn, it provides additional nutrients that will make your grass appear more lush.

If you’re noticing any of these tell-tale signs that your sewer pipe may be damaged, contact an experienced plumber such as JM Plumbing. Experts in drain repairs, JM Plumbing will quickly and efficiently fix your damaged drain.