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JM Plumbing are on standby to tackle all your plumbing emergencies, repairs and maintenance with punctual customer service and reliable workmanship. Having over 20 years’ experience servicing residential and commercial jobs on the Gold Coast, our crew of highly skilled plumbers are known and trusted for their exceptional work and rapid response times.

How we can help

If you’re ready to deal with plumbers that have the reputation, resources and professionalism of a large company yet the personal service and traditional values of a local, family-owned business, JM Plumbing is ready to help. To request a quote or to book your inspection, call us today on 1300 025 116.

JM Plumbing specialise in finding and fixing leaks and burst pipes in and around your home. Using the latest leak detection technology, we can quickly locate hard to find leaks in walls and underground then recommend the fastest, most affordable and appropriate solution. We also specialise in “No Dig Pipe Repairs” to save you time and money.

Call Now If:

  • You notice a leak, burst pipe or water where it shouldn’t be
  • There are wet patches on your lawn when there’s been no rain
  • You have an unusually high water bill
  • You want the leak fixed quickly, affordably and with the highest quality materials and workmanship guaranteed.

Why You Should Call JM Plumbing If You Have A Water Leak Or Burst Pipe:

  • Fast call out service – 8 vans located around the Gold Coast at anyone time.
  • Latest leak detection technology such as CCTV cameras to locate hard to find leaks and damaged pipes
  • Specialist in “No Dig Pipe Repairs” can save you thousands of $$$
  • Upfront quote before any work is carried out – No Surprise Bills
  • Reliable repairs you can trust. We fix it properly the first time and guarantee our work for 12 months

If you have a blocked drain, our highly experienced plumbers will arrive onsite with the latest blockage detection and drain cleaning equipment (such as CCTV cameras and high powered Jet Rodder or Electric Eel drain cleaners) to quickly, easily and affordably find and dislodge blockages, both in local pipes of further down in your main sewer line.

Call Now If:

  • You have a blocked pipe, or overflowing sink or toilet
  • Your sink or toilet drains slowly
  • You notice a bad odour rising from your drains
  • You notice a gurgling sound with your sink drains

Why You Should Call JM Plumbing If You Have A Blocked Drain:

  • Save time and money by diagnosing the problem with our CCTV Inspection. Using CCTV cameras, we can see exactly what the problem is and quote you upfront, without having to dig up your yard or foundations to find the source of the blockage.
  • We use high powered state of the art drain cleaners to flush out ALL debris and blockages, so your pipes stay clean and clear.

No toxic chemicals used to clear blockages, keeping our waterways safe.

When plumbing emergencies arise they can be costly and inconvenient – especially if problems have gone undetected for months (or even years) causing major damage to your home without you noticing. A regular plumbing maintenance visit can help you keep your property in optimal condition.

Call Now If You Notice One of the Following:

  • Leaking taps, toilets or appliances
  • Slow draining sinks and toilets
  • High water bill
  • Low pressure in taps
  • Issues with your hot water system
  • Or you want to be pro-active in the upkeep of your home

Why Everyone Should Invest In JM Plumbing Preventative Maintenance:

  • Avoid the cost and inconvenience of emergency plumbing repairs.
  • Identify and fix problems before they cause major damage.
  • Choose a convenient appointment time for you.
  • Save on water cost by fixing leaky taps, toilets and appliances early.

The average water bill of Gold Coast properties has increased by over 10% in the last 4 years and this trend is set to continue. With many homes containing undetected leaks and using inefficient fixtures and appliances, you could be paying much more for water than you should. JM Plumbing can conduct a thorough water usage audit and install a complete water saving solution for your home or business.

Call Now If:

  • Your water bill seems unreasonably high
  • Your property is older than (X-years) and has not had a recent water audit
  • You have a rental property and want to be able to charge tenants for water consumption
  • You have older taps, toilets and appliances that could be wasting water
  • You want to reduce your water consumption for the environment

Why Everyone Should Invest In A JM Plumbing Water Efficiency Audit:

  • Reduce your water bill.
  • Identify hidden leaks that could be wasting water and damaging your home.
  • Stop hot water wastage to reduce your power bill.
  • Charge tenants for water consumption. (Your property must pass a water efficiency test to do this. We’ll make sure it does.)
  • Can you offer water efficiency certificate?
  • We use state of the art leak detection technology to find leaks other plumbers may miss.
  • Reduce your homes carbon footprint and energy bill.

There are many risks associated with water in your home. By carrying out a Water Safety Audit, you can ensure that your water is free from bacteria and contamination, and that there is no risks of scalding due to unregulated hot water systems.

Call Now If:

  • You want to ensure there is no bacteria or contamination in your drinking water
  • You want to avoid scolding from unregulated hot water systems

Why Everyone Should Invest In JM Plumbing Water Safety Audit:

  • Protect residents from illness and disease caused by poor water quality
  • Protect residents from scolds due to unregulated hot water
  • Protect residents from falls in the shower when trying to escape water that quickly becomes too hot or cold.

Our fully qualified and experienced plumbers can repair your current hot water system or supply and install all types of new systems if required. We can also recommend the perfect system based your personal needs to keep your costs down and your showers hot and steamy for all residents.

Call Now If:

  • Your hot water has stopped and you need it fixed FAST
  • You run out of hot water regularly
  • Your water is too hot, or not hot enough
  • Your hot water system is making strange noises
  • You have any type of electrical or gas hot water system that needs repair
  • You need a reliable plumber to supply and install a NEW electric or gas hot water system
  • You want a maintenance service on your hot water system to avoid unexpected future breakdowns

Why You Should Call JM Plumbing For All Your Hot Water Needs:

  • Fast, over the phone diagnosis and quote so your hot water will be back up and running the same day. No surprise costs!
  • Our qualified plumbers also carry their “Restricted Electrical Licence”, which is a requirement to install hot water systems and saves you having to pay for an electrician. (Or worse someone may install it without the proper licence and void your warranty.)
  • If we can fix your system we will. But if it’s too far gone we will recommend the most affordable, yet high quality and long lasting system for your needs.

Our licenced gas fitters service and install ALL types of gas services and appliances in residential properties. We also offer fast, reliable emergency gas repairs when you you need it most. Don’t risk the safety of your family or property and ensure all your gas services and appliances are certified by an experienced and fully licenced gas fitter.

Call Now If You:

  • Can smell gas in your home and all appliances are turned off. Call1300 025 116 Immediately
  • Want to install, repair or replace appliances that require a gas connection such as stove, hot water systems etc
  • You want to change your gas supplier and need certification
  • Need a gas compliance certificate for your home gas connection, caravan or boat

Why You Should Call JM Plumbing For All Your Gas Fitting Needs:

  • We adhere to the strictest safety rules and regulations to protect your family and your property
  • We are fully qualified Class-A Gas Fitters and can provide certification for
    • New and replacement gas appliances such as hot water, ovens and cooktops
    • Boats, caravans and residential gas bottles
    • All types of residential gas service

We offer fast, efficient and affordable gas installations, repairs and maintenance

Solving Your Plumbing Problems Is This Easy…

1. Call us

Call JM Plumbing and speak with one of our plumbing experts to provide any details or concerns you have with your current plumbing situation.

2. Diagnose the problem

We will also ask some simple questions to diagnose the problem as best we can and explain our diagnosis in easy-to-understand language (no jargon). We then confirm you’re happy with our flat rate fee and provide an estimate quote for any extra work that may be required based on our phone diagnosis.

3. Confirm your appointment

1. A text message will be sent immediately to confirm the address and date.

2. Another text will be sent when plumber is enroute to your job.

3. A fully qualified, insured and experienced plumber will arrive on time in a fully stocked van with all tools and 850+ spare parts.

4. Fix your problem

Depending on the size of the job your plumber will:

a) Locate and fix the problem if it can be completed within the “Flat Rate Fee”.

b) If the job is larger and will cost more than the flat rate fee, we will locate and provide a final diagnosis of the problem, explaining exactly what work needs to be carried out in simple terms. We will then provide a complete, upfront quote so you’re aware of the total cost before any work is carried out.If you’re happy with the quote, our plumber will complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After completion we will clean up so it’s like we were never there.

You will be invoiced the quoted price immediately and never a cent more. The invoice will include full details of work carried out, itemised pricing for parts and labour and photos of the job.

We provide a mobile EFTPOS service, so you can pay with cash, credit, eftpos or debit card.

You’ll also receive our 12-month Workmanship Guaranteed Certificate, so if anything should happen within 12 months, simply call us and we’ll come fix it for free.*

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5 more reasons to call Jeff Macdonald Plumbing

1. No Hidden Costs

Complete quote provided before ANY work is carried out.

2. Cutting Edge Technology

We use cutting edge technology and own ALL our own equipment such as electronic leak detection devices, mini excavator, concrete cutting equipment, CCTV inspection cameras, high pressure drain cleanings, pipe relining tool and thermal imaging equipment. This means we don’t have to hire equipment like many other plumbers, saving you time and money.

3. Proven Reliability

Over 10,500 happy Gold Coast customers in the last 20 years must say something about our service, quality and reliability.

4. Experience

All our staff are highly experienced, polite, courteous and happy to take the time to answer all your questions and explain your different options.

5. You’re important to us

We are committed to building lifetime customer relationships through honesty, great service and the highest quality plumbing solutions. So we’ll treat you fairly in the hope that you’ll call us next time you need a plumber.

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