The Gold Coast is a beautiful area and home to over 500,000 people.

A combination of constant movement of the ground, due to it’s sandy makeup and homes that are now at an age where the plumbing system is starting to wear or breakdown means that it’s important for residents and business owners to have a reputable and professional Gold Coast plumber to call on.

One of the main plumbing issues experienced on the Gold Coast is a broken or damaged underground water mains. As water mains are not within plain sight, it is often easy for someone to misinterpret the issue. There are a few tell-tale signs that your mains have issues, which we’ve listed here below:

1. Increased water bills

Many people that are experiencing a damaged or broken underground water main are first alerted to it by an increase in their bill. After many frustrated calls to their water company or council, the person is usually left stumped by the dramatic increase, even though they haven’t been using excess water. Water bills can rise due to the leaking of water from the pipes that often seep into the ground and remain undetected for some time, which unfortunately guarantees future expensive water bills.

2. A spinning water meter

If you notice your water meter spinning at a time where no water is being used, your best bet is to contact a reputable plumber immediately.

3. A reduction in water pressure

Showers that are dropping in pressure and dishes not being washed well in dishwashers are two key signs that there is a leak somewhere along the underground line.

4. Puddles

Damaged or broken underground water mains often cause unexplained puddles or pools of water around the property and it is likely the water is seeping upwards.

5. Green grass

Another tell-tale sign of water leaking underground is where you find a grass patch that is greener than the rest of your lawn. This is often due to the leak provide that area of lawn with more water and can even lead to excessively wet or muddy areas in your yard.

Damaged underground water mains are common in Queensland but with the right help are easily fixed.

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