CCTV Inspections

CCTV Pipe Inspections are the best way to determine exactly what is happening to your pipes. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television - or more simply, a remote control camera that travels along your pipes with a lead running back to a TV screen.


Long gone are the days of having to completely dig up the entire pipe just to inspect or replace a segment of it. CCTV Pipe inspections are a very high tech / cost effective solution to determine the exact nature of your problem. The small camera will inspect every single aspect of your pipes to determine whether a simple patch or more extensive work is needed. It removes the unknown elements from the quote - to give you piece of mind.


Our cameras can be used for a number of different applications - when you need to see what's inside your pipes, or any other small confined space. These camera inspections do not harm your existing infrastructure, but will show you exactly what problems you may have.



CCTV uses a small camera that slide through pipe and has an almost 360 Degree field of view. You will literally be able to see every single inch of your pipe - as well as any defects which may have occurred, such as; bad joints, root obtrusions, cracks in your pipe, holes or other obstructions. It is also very easy to determine the existing flow line, as well as the amount of debris that may be obstructing the pipe. 


Jeff MacDonald Plumbing offers general inspection services, as well Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Inspection Services which are coupled with Line Cleaning Services. CCTV Pipe Inspections are a very versatile service, used by Gold Coast residential home owners, commercial and industrial businesses, schools, other service contractors and engineers.



You can receive benefit from this service in many ways, including viewing internal infrastructure of the pipeline before, during and/or after rehabilitation, whether it is to prove that their project was done properly, to plan maintenance strategies, or to use in conjunction with pipeline cleaning services in order to increase efficiency.


   Tree Roots                                Tree Roots Removed                  Liner In Place

Advantages of CCTV Inspection:

  • Allows complete viewing of existing pipes
  • Is completely non-invasive and no digging is required
  • Preferred technology for viewing existing pipes
  • Causes little or no traffic disruption


By sending a unique, camera through the pipeline, Jeff MacDonald Plumbing is able to inspect extensive sections of pipe in a very short time, providing customers with visual documentation of every square inch of the pipeline.


Gold Coast CCTV Pipeline Inspections are perfect for assessing older pipes that can fracture such as:

  • Cast Iron Pipes
  • Clay Pipes
  • PVC Pipes
  • Asbestos & Concrete Pipes
  • Reinforced Concrete Pipes

Once the pipe has been inspected, Jeff MacDonald plumbing will give you a detailed report outlining the amount of line cleaning was required, as well as the number of problems that were viewed.


With the Sonar Locator we can specifically determine where any and all service connections may be so that when replacing pipe there is the least amount of digging required to fix or replace your existing pipe.


If you are on the Gold Coast and feel a CCTV pipe inspection is suitable for your situation, please call the number above to speak with one of our friendly representatives who will be happy to discuss your individual needs.



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