Blocked Drains

Do you have a Blocked Drain on the Gold Coast? Jeff MacDonald and his team can help.

Blocked drains can be a real nuisance, but the friendly and professional staff at Jeff MacDonald Plumbing will clear your drain blockage – fast. We have the right tools - and the right people.

If your toilet isn’t flushing correctly, or you notice that water is draining very slowly from sinks, the shower and bath, this is a likely sign of a partial blockage.

Often the first thing you’ll notice will be a bit of a smell, or a gurgling sound from your plug holes. The exact cause will probably only become clear when water simply refuses to drain down the plug hole - or your toilet nearly overflows when you flush.

As soon as you notice that something is wrong, it’s important you seek help immediately. Overflowing drains will not only damage your property, but can be a serious threat to your health as well. When wastewater is unable to flow away it can come back up from the toilet or sink and flood your property. This happens more often than you would think.

A blocked drain is most often caused by the simple build-up of what’s gone into the drain; including grease, food scraps, bathroom products, silt and leaves. Some blockages are the result of normal wear and tear, and others are because of foreign objects that have been flushed down a toilet or pushed down a sink. It is also common for it to be the result of a structural defect or breakage caused by tree roots, corrosion or subsidence.

Whatever the cause of your problem - we can deal with it.

Jeff MacDonald Plumbing has provided Blocked Drain cleaning services to the Gold Coast for over 20 years, and offers the highest standards in both safety and customer satisfaction. If your drains are blocked and backing up - or just smells nasty, we’ll identify and remove the cause with no fuss. Your water will be draining away freely again before you know it.

If you think you have a blocked drain we’ll send a trained engineer around to your home or business to investigate and sort out your problem. We’ll clear straightforward blockages with simple rods, or stubborn obstructions using high pressure jetting equipment. Our technicians are fully trained in the latest techniques, have vast experience in the field, and use the latest equipment. You can be guaranteed we will have the right tool for the job - and know how to use it with best effect.

How to Prevent a Blocked Drain

Drains and sewers can become blocked or damaged for a number of reasons.
The most common problems are the result of flushing unsuitable items, residue build up over time, and pipe damage caused by trees roots or construction.

When substances other than waste water are flushed down the drain this can cause problems. For example fats oils and greases can solidify and trap other items that would have passed through the drain freely.

The following items should be recycled if possible, or bagged and binned:

  • Waste food
  • Paint
  • Fats, oils and greases
  • Disposable nappies and wipes
  • Condoms
  • Sanitary products
  • Bandages and dressings
  • Animal waste
  • Cotton wool and cotton buds

For assistance with your blocked drains on the Gold Coast, please call one of the friendly staff at Jeff MacDonald Plumbing on the number above to discuss your individual needs.

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